Do you start the Award at your school or do you need to train new Award Leaders or Supervisors and Assessors of Adventurous Journeys? Take a part in the Award training and get the certificate of Award Leader, learn on how to coordinate the programme at Award Unit or become Supervisor and Assessor of Adventurous Journey.

These trainings are designed for teachers and youth workers who want to deliver the Award to the youth. It is necessary that they can be roofed by an organisation working with youth which wants to become an Award Unit, meaning an organisation licenced as a certified Award provider. Only organisation with at least two Award Leaders and two people trained for Adventurous Journey Section roles can become an Award Unit.

Educational objectives of the Award leader training are:

  • To introduce the basic structure of the programme, it’s objectives, roles and principles
  • To introduce for Award Leaders the theory on how to lead the students in the programme so we have developed Award attitudes and principles. Share and explore different forms of personal development of the young people in the Award. (Developing of mentoring skills and SMART technique)
  • To get the basic information on the administration of the Award (enrollment of the programme, regular activities, communication with National Office)

Educational objectives of the Supervisors and Assessors of Adventurous Journeys training are:

  • Provide basic knowledge and skills that will enable participants of the training to become Adventurous Journey Supervisors and Assessors for young people/participants in the programme
  • Participants will receive basic information to have clearer understanding of the roles of Adventurous Journey Supervisor and Assessor, Adventurous Journeys risks and its prevention
  • The participants will get consistent picture of Adventurous Journey section and will understand the requirements and standards.

After the training, participant will get internationally recognized certificate and is able to lead a group of young people aged 14-24 years participating in the programme. The person is able (in the role of an Award unit Coordinator) to ensure the administration and coordination of the program at the Award Unit in cooperation with the National Office and to be a mentor of the young person in the programme. In the role of Adventurous Journey Supervisor and Assessor, the trained person is able to prepare a group of young people in order to be able to prepare, implement and evaluate their Adventurous journey in the Award.

Target group: teachers, youth workers, leisure time centers workers, volunteers, parents

Only organization with at least two Award Leaders and two people trained for Adventurous Journey Section roles can start to provide the programme for the participants. Award leaders training takes 2 days. Training of Supervisors and Assessors of Adventurous journeys takes another 2 days. The fee for each two-day training is € 25 per participant and is paid by the Award Unit as part of the membership fee.

Conditions of participation in training:

  • To obtain a certificate, you have to complete the entire training.
  • Training participants themselves provide health insurance for the whole duration of the training.
  • Certificate of the Award Leader, Coordinator of the Award Unit and Adventurous Journeys Supervisors and Assessors is connected to the concrete name and as such is non-transferable within the school/organization. If the employee leaves the organization, you need to train new staff or other volunteers. The certificate is transferable with the person to another Award Unit.
  • Participation in training is a prerequisite for the successful start of the Award at your school, unless there is some exception agreed.

For more information please contact our Programme manager at jana.kubikova [at] by phone at +421 948 667 301.

On this page you can find our upcoming trainings held in English. We are also delivering trainings in the Slovak language, for more information about them, see this link.

Summary of our upcoming trainings in English:

No trainings are scheduled at the moment.

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