President Andrej Kiska met with the first Award Leaders

President Andrej Kiska met with the first Award Leaders


8. October 2015

By the end of the Award Leader training on 1st October, Mr. President met with the leaders who will start-up the pilot year of the Award in Slovakia. We would like to thank the Office of the president for sharing the photos from the event.

We had the opportunity to present the program, benefits for participants and in particular how the program could help the long-term development of Slovakia to the President. Mr. President also had the opportunity to discuss the motivations of running the Award with the first trained Award Leaders in Slovakia, who will be helping young people during their Award journey.

"In a way, I envy teachers and a mentors like depends from you how the future of our country will look like. What kind of people will lead it. It's exactly you, who can shape today's young people." President motivated Award Leaders by the end of discussion.

You can find a short report from the visit at the website of the Office of President. 

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