How to support us

None of what we do and what young people achieve and experience in our programme would be possible without the support of our partners and volunteers. You too can contribute and show your support to the youth.

Financial support

One of the ways in which you can help us expand the network of organisations that make it possible for young people to take part in the Award is a financial contribution. By making a financial contribution, you will help us pay for example for promoting the Award, organising Award ceremonies or other events and projects (training courses, national meetings, etc.).

You can also financially support particular young people from disadvantaged backgrounds, which will help them pay for training or courses. Also the support of a participant with an exceptional talent or extraordinary goal for whose meeting he or she needs a substantial amount of money is very motivating not only for the participant but also for other young people (in Czech Republic, for example Lucie, who set to swim across the Strait of Gibraltar, benefited from such support. Read an article about her here).

You can also make a financial contribution directly to an organisation involved in the Award, which will use the contribution for example for buying equipment for adventurous journeys of all participants or for organising an event abroad.

Material and services

Another way of supporting the development of the Award in Slovakia is in-kind support or support by pro-bono services. By donating material, such as equipment for adventurous journeys, you can support directly the young people involved in the Award or a network of organisations and volunteers providing the Award. You can contribute also to the operation of the Slovak National Office of the Award, which works to promote the Award and keep its quality high, e.g. by donating office supplies, promotion materials, or a car.

You may also offer your services – with a discount, at cost or for free. In this way, we cooperate in the development and operation of our website or on the legal advisory for our organisation. You can also help us save costs by providing space for our operations or training events.

Invest your time

If you would like to give us some of your time, you can become a volunteer or intern. We will be happy to discuss with you the way in which you would like to help. You can help us for example by preparing events, translating or promoting the Award.

It will help us very much if you recommend to us an organisation that works with young people, does not yet provide the Award and might be interested in providing it. If you have contacts in such an organisation, you can help us enthuse it for the Award, be it a secondary school in which you or your children have studied, your Scout group, etc.

In the Award, young people undertake various activities in four areas: skills, physical recreation, service and adventurous journey. So, if you are strong in some sport or skill, you can become a coach or mentor of young people who wish to improve in such an activity. If you like the outdoors, you can become an assessor of the adventurous journeys. This means spending a long weekend outdoors, provide remote supervision of the expedition team and provide feedback on the performance of the team members.

To get more information about the Award and about ways to support us, contact the National Director of our Office:

Marián Zachar

marian.zachar [at]  |  +421 917 860 777


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You too can help young people unreveal their potential and approach life with courage.

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