Successful Award participants recieve a prestigious certficate that is appreciated by schools and employers all around the world. They also gain skills and experience that they will find very useful in their lives after the Award. Your can get a glipse of the atmospehre of the Award ceremony through the video from the first Award ceremony in Slovakia from June 2016.

As a Gold Award participant you can recieve the certificate on a special Award Ceremony from hands of the patrons or other important personalities including members of the Royal Family.

Your Award Certificate will look very well in you CV, proving that you gained skills, added to your well-being, made an impact on your community and managed to plan and accomplish adventurous journey. Your newly gained skills and experience together with well-taken self-confidence can also help you get to the university or get your dream job.

You will surely have a chance to stay in contact with all the great people you met in the Award. If you find it useful you can also become an Award volunteer after finishing the programme.

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You too can help young people unreveal their potential and approach life with courage.

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