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Since the 1st of September, 2018 we have been offering a possibility to make a payment for the DofE participants through an online platform called PayPal. We launched it as the first country out of 140 coutries providing DofE program.

Why are we bringing a possibility to pay online?

The Award units providing DofE program pay on an annual basis An annual licence fee, that is divided to three parts 

  • Základný členský príspevok
  • Dodatočný členský príspevok za vyškolenie Vedúceho programu alebo Školiteľa a Hodnotiteľa Dobrodružných expedícií
  • Dodatočný členský príspevok za účastníkov v programe DofE  

Collecting the Dodatočný členský príspevok za účastníkov v programe DofE directly from students had always been rather complicated and time consuming. 

Complicated money collections at schools and paper evidence are over

That is why we have been working hard in order to provide our participants with a possibility to pay the participants part of the licence fee through the online payment platform called PayPal, which enables it. 

Online payment is very simple

One of great advantages of paying through PayPal is a fact there is neither a prior registration nor a PayPal account needed. The payment is realised simply by using a credit or debit card. 

In case the participant of a parent do have a PayPal account, naturally they can use it to make the payment. 

The video will answer you all the questions

How to realise the PayPal payment is step by step explained in the video, which also explains:

  • how to register as a DofE participants through ORB (online record book), 
  • how to pay throught PayPal the dodatočný členský príspevok za účastníka in case the participant is older than 18 years old, 
  • how a parent can pay throught PayPal the dodatočný členský príspevok za účastníka in case the participant is younger than 18 years old

In case of any questions regarding the PayPal payments do not hesitate to contact your Program Manager. 

For Bratislava, the contact person is Miloš Ondrášik at milos.ondrasik (zavinac) and +421 908 210 528.  

For Nitra, Trnava and Trenčín region, the contact person is Zdenka Podhorska at zdenka.podhorska (zavinac) and +421 948 012 638.  

For Banská Bytrica and Žilina region, the contact person is Jaroslav Timko at jaroslav.timko (zavinac) and +421 908 709 994.  

For Košice and Prešov region, the contact person is  Ján Smolka at jan.smolka (at) a +421 948 020 775.

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