We signed the Accredited License for Slovak National Office

We signed the Accredited License for Slovak National Office


4. April 2016

After more than a year of intense work we managed to fulfil all the criteria to obtain the Accredited License for the Slovak National Office of the Duke of Edinburgh's International Award, which will allow us to grow the Award to the entire Slovakia.

Our journey to obtain the license began with the signing of he Preliminary license in May 2015 in London, continued by validation visit from colleagues from The Duke of Edinburgh's Award International Foundation in February 2016 and culminated by the signing of the Accredited License on March 31, 2016 after fulfilling 37 licence standards. For our colleagues at the Foundation in London, we are a country where they piloted a new way of building and licensing of the National Offices. We believe that this will become a model for new National Offices around the world.
After the validation of our license, our colleagues from London officially underlined our innovation in various fields and also our collaboration with the expert volunteers who help us greatly with the legal registration of the organization or with setting up branding strategy for the National Office. Thanks to all who contributed their time on this success!
We are pleased that after more than a year of preparation, we can say that we are an official National Office of The Duke of Edinburgh's International Award in Slovakia, and that we can focus on the growth of the Award in Slovakia. Let's go!
You can find more information at the Foundation's website.

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