Competition for Award holders from the pilot year in Slovakia - change

Competition for Award holders from the pilot year in Slovakia - change


13. October 2016

The first year of the internet competition for Bronze and Silver Award Holders from the first Slovak Award ceremony is a side activity within recriutment campaign of The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award National Office. The competition encourages to join and sign up new young people into the Award trough the Award holders from the first ceremony, who attended the programme in the past and therefore are the best, personal examples for the new future prospects.

Change 26.10.2016: Closure of the registrations is moving to Thursday 3rd November 2016 20:00 and the necessary minimal number of new prospect registered is one, so that the Award Holder may be eligible for The Duke of Edinburh's International Award t-shirt and for the draw for the prizes. Sharing the photo is not needed, the URL is though needed to share. 

In order to be classified as the competitor, Award holder has to upload his unique URL link to the page where the new recommended prospects will be able to register. For each new registered prospect, Award holder will receive one point towards the competition.

Optional: Each Award holder of the first Slovak ceremony, helded in Primate's Palace, Bratislava, 21.6.2016, owns a photo from the Award ceremony taken by a professional photographer. Award holder may also include in the upload his photo (Photo has been edited with the logo, name and the date and will be attached in the email from the National Office with the further instruction). The post has to include unique URL link to the page  

The goal of the competition is to attract friends of the Award holders to join the programme via your facebook status. Thanks to the unique URL link created specially for each Award Holder, we'll be able to monitor via the specific link the number of new prospects who filled the registration form, and joined the programme in one of the licenced Award Units or suggested a new Award Unit if there's one missing on the list.

Award holders are automatically included in the competition after they'll post their unique URL link (optionally with the photo) on their facebook profile. If there's at least one new prospect registered and filled out the application form via your link, they are automatically winning the Award t-shirt, which will be delivered to them by mail. If at least one person register via the link, they are automatically included in the draw for the following prizes: 3 x Tour of the Slovak Google offices, 3 x Tour of the Tatrabanka with its director and 3 x Tour of the Pixel Federation plus visit to their virtual world. New prospect can also suggest a school or organisation, if his/her preffered has not yet joined the programme and he/she will be also included in the competition.

Competition's timeline:

12.10 - 26.10.2016 - Beggining of the competition, sending out of the emails to the Award holders, contacting the Award Units involved in the first Award ceremony and registration open for the new prospects

3.11. 2016 20:00 - Closure of the registrations

4.11.2016 - Annoucing the results of the competiion and contacting the Award Units about new prospects

8.11 - 31.12.2016 Delivery of the individual prizes

Conditions of the competition:

  • Every Award holder, who has received the Bronze or Silver Award during the first Slovak Award Ceremony on 21.6.2016 in Bratislava and who has received the email from the National Office with their photo and instructions can join the competition.
  • For more information about the competition please follow or Facebook
  • The results will be annoucend on our website and our facebook. The winners will be contacted via email.
  • Contact person: Marián Zachar, marian.zachar [at]  |  +421 917 860 777

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