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Would you like to introduce the Award programme in your school or your organisation? In order to provide the programme to young people in accordance with high international standards, you must first go through the following three steps.

1. Choose at your organisation the right people for these roles:

  • Award Leaders  (at least 2) – responsible for involving young people in the programme, helping them with the selection of activities and setting goals, supporting them in implementing the Award, one of the leaders have to become the programme coordinator in the organization.
  • Adventurous Journey Assessors and Supervisors (at least 2) – prepare the program for an Adventurous Journey lasting two to four days and are present during its course, they should have knowledge of working with a map and orientation in the field, and experience ideally with occasional traveling and outdoor activities, so that they can pass on to young people.

2. Signing the cooperation agreement and licence

This Agreement shall be signed by the director of the organization and the director of the National Office in Slovakia.

With this signature organization receives a certificate authorizing it to deliver a programme and a suitable plaque to mark the entrance door of the organization and other promotional materials that will help the organization reach out to young people.

3. Complete the programme training

To ensure compliance with demanding international standards, National Office provides training to organizations wishing to participate in the Award. On the long-proven training tools we show adult participants an individual ways of working with young people that will help them in organizing the Award for their students or members. Successful participants of this demanding programme get internationally recognized certificates.

It is it possible to be both the Award Leaders and Adventurous Journey Assessor or Supervisor, so a minimum of trained individuals from one organisation is two.

After completing the Award training programe an organization can offer the Award to their students or members.

You can find more about the impact of the Award Leaders on participants in the video from the Foundation in London and National Office in Canada.

If you are interested in joining or have any questions, please get in touch with our Programme manager:

Jana Kubíková

jana.kubikova [zavináč]  |  +421 948 667 301


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