DofE Network Slovakia

A platform for you and all Award Holders at bronze, silver or gold level in Slovakia.

Take your chance to get to know and stay in touch with other active Award holders, cooperate with the National Office, meet successful people, take part in interesting events and workshops and put in practise your skills and experience you gained while doing the Award and continue to develop your talents further. Take your next challenge and try of the following roles.

What roles?

Award Ambassador

If you would like to represent the Award in interesting events and let your story inspire other young people to join the Award and at the same time improve your presentation skills, do not hesitate anymore and become one of our Ambassadors. For active help you win an opportunity to continue your Award on next level with a member of the National Office or take part in an international summer training. 

(Assistant) Award Leader in one of the Award Units

If you are over 16 this way you can stay in touch with the organization in which you did your Award or support other Award Unit in your area (the current list of all Award Units is here). This might be also your way of doing Service section of your Award on next level. Moreover, you can get a chance to continue your Award with one of the National Office members or take part in an international summer training.

Volunteer in the National Office

You can cooperate with the National Office on regular or case-by-case basis by helping to organize and carry out various events, including Award ceremonies, promoting the Award or by helping with administrative tasks.

DofE Network Organization Team Member

If you´d like to be directly involved in the development and operation of the platform, plan events and workshops for yourself and other Award Holders, your ideas are more than welcomed.

What shall you do next?

Just fill in this form and we will contact you with next steps. Should you have any questions, do not hesitate to send an email to

What are the advantages of an anctive Network membership?

  • You will contribute to further development of the Award and stay in touch with the Award,
  • You will network with active Award holders and meet many inspiring and successful people,

  • The most active members have the opportunity to choose their Award Leader from the National Office and continue their Award directly with their support (in the National Office there are specialist on education, project management, PR, assertive and persuasive communication),

  • You will have an access to special offers from our partners (courses, workshops, exclusive events, internships),

  • You will have a chance to get advice on university application process (e.g. how to write a good motivational letter),

  • You will gain valuable information on the running of a non-profit organisation, management of events, 

  • And last but not least, you will have lots of fun and experiences.

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You too can help young people unreveal their potential and approach life with courage.

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