Mária Sofia Takáčová

Mária Sofia Takáčová


“From the very first moment I learned about the opportunity to become a part of Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award, I knew that it was something for me. I constantly seek for challenges and this was a great chance to combine all my interests: badminton, sewing and knitting and working with children."

"Together with the expedition, it created “four in one” full of distant visions and lately fulfilled dreams. Each section helped me to progress a lot. I discovered a great deal about myself during tough situations and learned how to manage them with a cool head. Due to this, I can tell myself today that nothing can surprise me that easily.

Even though you currently may not know what activities you would like to try, DofE will help you to find yourself with the program tailored to you. You never know, maybe exactly the activities that you do not prefer right now or you spend only a small amount of time doing them, will become your deepest passions and will move you forward to something unimaginable.

I truly recommend that everybody take part in this fantastic program.

Do not hesitate and don’t miss out on this chance!”

Mária Sofia received her Gold Award during her high school studies in Great Britain in 2014. She is currently working for one of the largest professional services firm in the world, PricewaterhouseCoopers. 

Mária is actively involved in various non-profit projects, including Consulting Club Bratislava, where she assists students and young professionals to improve their hard and soft skills, which are important for job interviews by organizing numerous interesting events for them. Moreover, she is also a part of our team, DofE Slovakia, fulfilling her dream of becoming a mentor.

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